Slurry Storage Solutions.

Erected in 3 Days.

No Planning Permission Required.

The Genap Steel Mesh-Walled Slurry Tank

The Cleared and Levelled Site Prior to Delivery.

Laying Out the Tank Liner

The outer walls of the tanks are constructed from galvanised mesh steel cages that are interlocked and stabilised. The cover floats on the surface of the slurry with minimal rainwater ingress into the tank. A strong lining of HDPE foil of 1.5 mm is placed between the tank lining and the mesh wall to protect the waterproof lining.

The HDPE Foil Protector for the Tank Lining

The Construction Process.

The tank linings are UV-retarded and are guaranteed for 10 years on a declining time basis. Many of these tanks have been in operation in the EU and the UK for 14 years and are still in operation.

There are many tank sizes available, with a minimum of 30,000 gallons / 111 m3 (6,81 m diameter) to 450,000 gallons / 1,695 m3 (26,5 m diameter). The tanks are supplied complete with a cover, which is also UV-retarded. The height of all tanks is 3 m. There are several add-ons like mixing options and drainage systems for rainwater off the cover. Ask about these when you enquire. The tanks are supplied with a fit-for-purpose floating cover.

These tanks are quick to assemble. All done in 3 days after delivery, and an affordable solution to your immediate slurry storage problems. The advantage is that you can disassemble the tank and move it to a different location if required.

Another advantage is the tanks do not require a concrete foundation. The installation team requires a clear, level site. This should be done before installation by the customer. The installation team will do the rest.

Once the order is placed with the deposit, the lead time on orders currently is 6-8 weeks from deposit to installation. A professional assembly team will come to your farm to install the tanks once the delivery has been made.

We can confirm that your investment in the Genap slurry storage solution will give you  a minimum of 30% saving on a permanent slurry tank. With the section 5 exemption, you will save months, if not years of planning permission delays.

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