Wind Turbine Systems

Wind Energy

Alpha Energy are able to supply wind turbines ranging from 5kW to 100 kW. We use top quality suppliers and materials in order to offer you the best service.

The Benefits of Wind Energy

  • Wind Energy is non pollutant and good for the atmosphere.

  • Since you will be meeting much of your energy requirements with the electricity your wind turbines generate, your energy bills will drop significantly.

  • Even though they’re installed on land, wind turbines do not take up much space. The blades extend vertically and the size at the base is almost negligible, especially compared with photovoltaic plants, which makes wind power compatible with other uses of the land at the same time.

  • Switching to a more renewable energy source such as wind energy is the right way going forward to reduce the dependence on traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels.

  • Maintenance is simple and only occasionally necessary, keeping a wind plant running is very simple. Unless there are breakages or exceptional events, which are nonetheless increasingly rare thanks to models that are more and more reliable and digital monitoring systems that are enabling ever higher performance levels, maintenance is minimal and inexpensive.